Thursday, November 11, 2010

Health Class - Chavakkad Mekhala

'Lifestyle & Health' - Study class conducted jointly by Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishath and Yuvajana Samajam Granthaalaya & Vayanasala at Thampuranpadi, Guruvayur, in Chavakkad Mekhala on 07.11.2010 Sunday. The main speach given by Mr. Seby Varghese, Junior Health Inspector of Primary Health Centre, Pookode and function was presided by Mr. M Balan Master, the president of the Yuvajana Samajam Granthaalaya & Vayanasala. Welcome speach by Mr. M Kesavan, the president of KSSP Chavakkad Mekhala and vote of thanks by Mr. P Gopalakrishnan, the secretary of Yuvajana Samajam Granthaalaya & Vayanasala. Around 30 people were attended the class.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AIPSC Pre event Activity : Consultation Meeting of Scientists working in our R&D institutes

The People’s Science Movement (PSM) is a new genre of people’s movement that came into existence in the 1970s.Its sphere of activity lies between science and chnology on the one side and society on the other. There are about thirty organizations in this genre in India operating in different states. They are linked in the form of a network – the All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) that came into being in 1988. It organizes All India People’s Science Congress (AIPSC) every two years.
The 13th AIPSC is hosted by the Kerala SasthraSahitya Parishath that pioneered
Science movement in India. The congress will be held at Thrissur from 27-31 December 2010. Around 600 delegates representing the member organizations from 21 states will attend the Congress. Former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan will inaugurate the Congress which will be attended by other eminent Scientists also.
As a prelude to this Congress a number of mass education programmes are
arranged which include campaigns on energy conservation, green technology, health and hygiene. A National Seaninar is scheduled on 27th November on the topic Science for Democracy, Secularism and Development.
Recently, on 6th November 2010 a high level brain storming session was organized by the Kerala State Council for Science , Technology and Environment, Government of Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram. The Cabinet Secretary GoI, Chief Secretary GoK, Secretary DST(GoI), DG (ICAR), DG (ICMR), Senior Officers from DRDO, DAE as well as from R&D Institutions in Kerala were present. The theme of the brain storming was how to strengthen the partnership between Central and State R&D Institutions in solving the problems facing the country. Particular emphasis was given to S&T requiremaents fordecentralized local level development. This demands a close interaction between S&T Institutions and elected representatives of the people.
In this connection and as part of AIPSC, the KSSP wants to place before you a
specific suggestion: a consultation meeting of Scientists working in our R&D
Institutions to be held on 18th November 2010 at Balabhavan auditorium, Thrissur.
The primary objective of the meeting is to trigger a collective thinking process for organizing a series of interactive sessions where in socially committed scientists from our R&D institution interact with LSG Institutions and meet their demands for technology, thus ensuring the well being of the society The intention of the meeting, thus is to bring together for a dialogue, all those, who demand knowledge, all those who may be able to supply them and also those who can enterpret such demands into the language of scientist Brief presentations will be made by Dr. M.P.Parameswaran, Dr.B.Ekbal , Dr.RVG Menon and Dr. Jiju P Alex. Developmental issues that demands immediate attention will be the focal point
of the discussion. In addition to agriculture and health care, sustainable utilization of natural resources will also be brought into the purview of the discussion.Dr.KV..Sankaran, Director, KFRI , Peechi who is also the chairman of the seminar committee of AIPSC 2010, will chair the meeting.
We request your esteemed presence on the occasion and offer your valuable suggestions.

Dr. K.V.Sankaran Prof. V.R.Raghunandanan Dr.Kavumbayi Balakrishnan Chairman Convener General Convener
Seminar Committee AIPSC 2010


Date : 18-11-2010, Thursday
Time : 2pm – 6.30pm
Venue : Balabhavan Auditorium (near Town hall)
2.00 - 2.15 Welcome : Prof. V.R.Raghunandanan
2.15 – 2.30 Chairman’s addres : Dr. KV.Sankaran , Director KFRI and Chairman
Seminar Committee AIPSC 2010
2.30 - 2.45 About AIPSC 2010 : Dr. Kavumbai Balakrishnan
2.45 – 3.30 Lead Papers : 1. Dr. M.P.Parameswaran
2. Dr. B.Ekbal
3. Dr.R.V.G. Menon
4. Dr. Jiju P Alex
3.30 – 5.15 : Discussions in 3 Consultative Groups
5.15 – 6.15 : Plenary
Vote of Thanks : Dr. K.Vidyasagaran

Morning session - Inauguration, After Noon: Plenary

Evening : Cultural Presentations/ Evening Lectures


Morning session - Workshop After Noon: Workshop

Evening : Cultural Presentations/ Evening Lectures


Sub Plenary 1: (9.00-10.30)
• Science Popularization
Sub Plenary 2: (10.30-12.00)
• Agriculture & Food Security
Sub Plenary 3: (9.00-10.30)
• Health
Sub Plenary 4: (10.30-12.00)
• Environment, Climate Change & Development
Workshops on Themes:
• Science Popularization
• Agriculture & Food Security
Workshops on Themes:
• Health
• Environment, Climate Change & Development
Cultural Presentations/ Evening Lectures

Sub Plenary 5: (9.00-10.30)
• Education
Sub Plenary 6: (10.30-12.00)
• Decentralization and Democratization & Technology Application
Sub Plenary 7: (9.00-10.30)
• Social Exclusions
Sub Plenary 8: (10.30-12.00)
• S & T, Emerging Technologies & Self Reliance
Workshops on Themes:
• Education
• Decentralization and Democratization & Technology Application
Workshops on Themes:
• Social Exclusions
• S & T, Emerging technologies & Self Reliance
Cultural Presentations/ Evening Lectures

Discussion on the future course of Action by AIPSN


Decentralization and Democratization & Technology Application
Convenor: T. Gangadharan ( )

Rapporteur:Ravi Prakash/Ranjit K.Sarma

Centre state relations and Political and Fiscal Decentralization in India
Dr.G.Gopakumar, Department of Political Science, University of Kerala

Women Reservation and Decentralisation: A Case study on Bihar
Komal Srivastava

Decentralised Governance &Technology Application-The Indian Experience and Perspective

A Critical Appraisal of Peoples Planning Campaign of Kerala
Dr.K.P.Kannan (CDS)


1.Decentralisation and Women empowerment
Chair:Sarada Muralidharan, IAS
Convener:Meer Bai

2.NREGA and Panchayati raj

3.Co-Operative Movement and Decentralisation
Chair: PBVM to suggest from Bengal
Convener: Ramesh (JVV)

4.Challenges and Experiences of Decentralisation of Technology application
Chair: Raghu (PSF)
Convener: Joginder Walia (STD)

AIPSC : Expeted Participants from States

AIPSC, Thrissur Delegates List (Quota-wise)

Sl.No. Organisation AIPSN Quota
1 Assam (BGVS + Assam Science Society) 25
2 H.P.(BHVS + STD) 30
3 Maharashtra (BGVS) 20
4 Punjab (BGVS) 5
5 West Bengal (PBVM) 40
6 Haryana ( BGVS+Vigyan Manch) 20
7 A.P. (JVV) 30
8 Orissa (BGVS + Vigyan O Prajukti Mancha) 20
9 M.P. (BGVS + MPVS + Eklavya) 30
10 Uttaranchal (BGVS) 10
11 Bihar (BGVS) 25
12 Karnataka (BGVS + KRVP) 30
13 Delhi (DSF + CTD) 10
14 Jharkhand (BGVS + Science for Society) 20
15 Tamilnadu (TNSF) 30
16 Tripura (BGVS) 5
17 U.P. (BGVS) 25
18 Rajasthan (BGVS) 10
19 Pondicherry (PSF) 10
20 Others (other NE, Guajrat, Chhattisgarh, NCOA,FMRAI etc. 20
21 Kerala - KSSP (delegates) 50
22 Kerala (Observers and Volunteers) 150
23 Resource Persons 20

Total (Approx.) 635