Sunday, October 31, 2010

Documentation Committee

Documentation committee of AIPSC 2010 held at Parisara Kendram, Thrisur. Number of participants are 21. Following are the brief of the Programme.
1. Strategies to be implemented for documentation presented by M.Ramanunni, Chairman of the documentation committee.
2. Story board development and blog content creation presented by   Dr.Vidyasagar.K.U.
3. Material collection was presented by Sudheer.K.S.
4. Exhibition of the documentation was presented by V.Manoj.
And discussion were made and the following decisions were taken.
I. CD should comprise these contents.
1. History of KSSP (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow). 2. Regular activities of KSSP
3. Special activities in connection with AIPSC 2010 4. Different sessions and discussions in the AIPSC.
II. Documentation of Special activities in conection with AIPSC 2010 at various places during November and December, 2010.
Material collection and uploading to the Organising centre.
Photos and vedeos from Mekhalas
III. Charges of each area are assigned for collecting and uploading to the folowing team.
1. Mathilakam &Kodungallur - Manoj(9497654765), Sreejith(9349013048), Nelson(9495503624).
2. Kunnamkulam, Chavakkad - Ravi (9446939482)and Shadeed((9746069010)
3. Cherpu - Tony and VV Subramanian(9446343670)
4. Thrissur, - Joseph(9447238280),
5.Ollukkara-Nijil and Kiran(9447778178).
6. Chalakudy , Kodakara-Dileep(9539415475), Vipindas(9605707202)
7. Irinjalakuda, Puthenchira- VN Krishnankutty(9446502468) and Shihab.
In the Afternoon session training to develop the skill of photography given by Dipumanohar.
The charges were given to
1. Exhibition of Documentation - Manoj.V(9497654765)
2. CD Production - M.Ramanunni(9388555988) and Dr.Vidyasagar.K.V.
3.. Co-ordination - Sudheer( 9495576123)and Seraphin(9446375081)
Next sitting on 9.10.2010. 5.30pm
The meeting concluded at 4 p.m.

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